Episode 5 – What Happened Was

Welcome to Episode 5.  In this Episode we talk about Dan Melia’s Hardcore event and how that went for us all.  We talk about Golden Troll again and whether we’ve come to any decisions about our Golden Troll lists and Rich drops a bombshell on his choice for Mangled Metal and a sudden lack of confidence in his Hardcore lists, and also feels a little silly after a Twitter error.  While Nathan shows his true colours in his aims to defend his Golden Troll Open title.  We finish off with a discussion about Nyss Hunters in this episodes Warmachine 101.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Don’t forget to check out Maestrom Gamesfor all your hobby needs.

Also other events that are on……..
Battle Box Event @ Maelstrom Games
Plus the link here has more details of events in The Warhammer Forum’s Hordes and Warmachine Events Forum so you can see the variety of events available in and around the UK.
Thanks for listening.
p.s. for the keen eyed amongst you there’s no audio file yet, but there will be by the end of tonight hopefully, I was just getting a few tasks done earlier when I had time, including the episode fluff and page for Episodes 4 & 5.

2 Responses to Episode 5 – What Happened Was

  1. Norbert Brunhuber says:

    You jokers owe me a Foodmachine promo for your insolence.


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