Alpha Strike Radio

Welcome to Alpha Strike Radio, a Hordes and Warmachine podcast brought to you by two of the Dragon Slayers finest, in the form or Nathan Hoole and Rich Paget.  We’ll be taking an in depth look at the UK’s Hordes and Warmachine scene and will be providing something for players new and old.  So whether you’re a grizzled veteran or relatively new player download and join us in our discussion, as we chat about games, lists and results from events around the UK.

If you’d like to get in touch with us about the show then you can contact us at…

or through Twitter

Episode 30 – F for Innovation

Episode 29 – Smogcon 2014

Episode 28 – Trolls. Not the easy win button you thought they were.

Episode 27 – Legion.  Not the win button you think it is

Episode 26 – The Innovation Station

Episode 25 – Keeping it fresh.

Episode 24 – Has anyone seen my Dragon Slayer?

Episode 23 – UK Nationals 2013

Episode 22 – UK Games Expo part two

Episode 22 – UK Games Expo part one

Episode 21 – It’s not been the same without you

Episode 20 – A Phoenix from the Flames

Episode 19 – Swan Song

Episode 18 – The Elephant In the Room

Episode 17 – Junior Flail

Episode 16 – What we did on our holidays

Episode 15 – ETC 2012

Episode 14 – The Masters

Episode 13- The Club Challenge

Episode 12 – Waiting for Mr X

Episode 11 – No Added Pencils

Episode 10 – Adventures of the Mid Pack

Episode 9 – Poster Boy

Episode 8 – A Bit of a quick ‘un

Episode 7 -And now for something completely different

Episode 6 – Golden Troll

Episode 5 – What Happened Was

Episode 4 – Epic Hoole

Episode 3 – Fun, Quick and Dirty

Episode 2 – Dealing with the Deathstar

Episode 1 – Warmachine and Hordes ETC Review


13 Responses to Alpha Strike Radio

  1. Dan Clark says:

    Good Podcast. I am new to WMH and like the focus of the podcast. Used to play serious WHB against the dragon slayers etc and am glad to hear you are as strong as ever. Keep at it.

  2. slayerpics says:

    Thanks for the comments Dan, they’re much appreciated and glad that you are enjoying the show.



  3. Tony Garry says:

    Great stuff, I’ve enjoyed them all so far, looking forward to the next one!

    • slayerpics says:

      Hey Tony,

      Thanks for leaving us a message, it’s much appreciated. Didn’t know you had migrated from historicals. Have you managed to drag Ed in as well, I’m assuming I’ve got the right Tony Garry though!

      Many thanks,


      • Tony Garry says:

        Hi Rich,

        Right TG, but Eds has yet to bite and try WM/H, thinking of giving the doubles event in Stockport in November a go as my first tounament… least with a partner I won’t have to take all the blame.

  4. slayerpics says:


    I’m sure that you’ll be fine, a man of your tactical acumen. I’m also sure it won’t be long before Ed bites as well, we all know he’s a magpie like collector like the rest of us. Will hope to bump in to the pair of you at an event in the future!


  5. Thanks for the shoutout guys!

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  7. Dr_Norbert says:

    I heard the end of episode #5. Just for that, you guys owe me a Foodmachine promo of your own!!! :shakes fist:


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  10. Marlon says:

    Thanks for taking time in order to compose “Alpha Strike Radio | Dragon Slayers Club”.
    Thank you again ,Hai

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