Episode 16 – What we did on our holidays.

Welcome to Episode 16 of Alpha Strike Radio.  We’ve had a little break over the summer due to holidays and such but now were back for more Hordes and Warmachine related fun.  In this episode there’s a lot of talk about our recent games as we’ve not been idle over the summer and there’s even some Colossals talk plus a couple of clips at the end of the show for the Shenanigans Ball and everyone’s favourite Dr’s Foodmachine promo.

The details for the events that we’ve talked about are provided in the links below.

Brest Cancer Brawl – Travelling Man Leads

Hallows Havoc – Cheltenham

Shenanigans Ball – Essex

Frontlines – Outpost Games Sheffield

Foodmachine – Kidderminster

and one I forgot to mention but certainly deserves it as they’re a good bunch all around.

Blood and Oil – Leicester Phat Katz

[audio https://dragonslayersclub.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/episode-16-what-we-did-on-our-holidays.mp3]

Episode 16 – What we did on our Holidays


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