Episode 9 – Poster Boy

Welcome to Episode 9 of Alpha Strike Radio.  In this Episode we talk about the games we’ve played recently, there’s some action from the Dusty Shelf, some Templecon prep talk and we chat Molik Karn in Warmachine 101. There’s also a section with MR X, where in Mr X stylee Conrad’s true character comes to light under the blinding glare of Mr X’s investigative journalism, before they go on for a (slightly) more serious chat about the UK Hordes and Warmachine community.

As usual many thanks to our sponsors Maelstrom Games where you pick up everything to fuel your Hordes and Warmachine addiction as well as being able to fulfil your wider hobby needs.  They can be found at www.maelstromgames.co.uk

Also the info about the two events that we mention can be found in the following links.  Massacre VII and Vapnartak 2012

Finally if you’d like to leave us a positive review on iTunes to help the show reach a wider audience then that would be much appreciated.

[audio https://dragonslayersclub.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/episode-9-poster-boy.mp3]

Episode 9 – Poster Boy


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