Meet the Slayers

The Cream of the Crop, the Pick of the Bunch, the Lads who Know Wot’s Wot, the current Dragon Slayers retain a solid base of members that have been there since the beginning – founder members, if you will – rounded off by sheep, hangers-on and newbies awed by our size and power. At least, that’s what it says on our tin, and thousands of groupies wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here you can meet the current members of the club. Perhaps you may see your gaming hero on these pages. Or perhaps not eh?

Adrian McWalter – Club Chairman

Tim Fisher – Treasurer

Alex West

Andy Barnes

Andy Davies

Ashley Mitchell

Chris Legg

Danny Pegg

Dave Grant

Eliot Kimpton

Gavin Roath

James Bolsover

Lee McColl

Matt Oakley

Mike Skehan

Nathan Hoole

Rich Paget

Rob Hallam

Shane Metcalfe

Pete Scholey

Fabian Quinn

Lewis Johnson

Steve Wren

John Dale


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