Episode 2 – Dealing with the Deathstar

In this Episode of Alpha Strike Radio, we talk about our experience with and against Damiano, Nathan talks at length about his experiences at the recent one day event held at Maelstrom Games at the end of July.  We also have a few reports from Alpha Strike Radio’s new roving reporter Mr X as he penetrates in to the heart of issues in the UK Hordes and Warmachine community.  We then finish up with a bit of a discussion about the Winter Guard Deathstar and ways that it could be countered in this Episodes Warmachine 101 section.
Also this Episode we find ourselves with a new sponsor, in the form of those nice folks at Maelstrom Games our friendly local gaming store, which you can find online at www.maelstromgames.co.uk and where you can meet all your hobby needs.Thanks for listening and don’t forget to leave us a positive review on iTunes if you like what you hear and feel free to send us your feedback to alphastrikeradio@gmail.com

2 Responses to Episode 2 – Dealing with the Deathstar

  1. Chris Parkin says:

    Hey guys, love the podcast. I think you went straight to the top as far as good knowledgeable content. I hope you’re planning on releasing another episode soon.


  2. slayerpics says:

    Thanks for the comments, next show is up as I type! Hope you enjoy this one as well.

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