Fabian Quinn






Name: Fabian Quinn
Nickname: Fab, The night skinned terror!!!
Born: Brixton, London (BRAP! BRAP!)
Lives: Sheffield
Systems played: WHFB, 40k, maybe hordes and warmachine, i’ll try anything once!!
Favourite system: WHFB!!!!
Favourite army: Anything that’s new and shiney!!

Tournament Record:

# of events: highest: lowest: average:
2 1st 2nd 1.5
event #: event: year: army: place:
2 Gathering of Might VI 2011 Warriors of Chaos 1st
1 Sheffield Slaughter 2011 Warriors of Chaos 2nd

2 Responses to Fabian Quinn

  1. Richard stephenson says:

    Long time bro…

  2. richard quinn jr says:

    Fabs its quinny jr wud love 2 hear from u pls call or tx me 07747 483 467 hope u and family are ok I wud really like to catch up bt nurries if u don’t want to

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