Episode 3 – Fun, Quick and Dirty

In Episode 3 of Alpha Strike Radio we talk about what we’ve been doing game wise since last time.  We have a new special guest on in the troll like shape of Ash Mitchel who proves to be mostly good but definitely a bad influence on Nathan!  Rich talks about in great length about the recent one day event at Maelstrom, the DS Bash. We also discuss our 20 point lists for for FQD II and the reasons behind the choices we’ve made and Rich waxes lyrical about the Nightmare in this episodes Warmachine 101.

Show Timings

-35 minutes – Mr X
-45minutes – DS Bash
-1 hour 32 minutes – FQD Talk
-2 hours 20 minutes – Warmachine 101 (The Nightmare)

A link the a Foodmachine event that is taking place in Kiddeminster on the 4th of December is included below for those interested in the details.


So thanks for downloading and listening, please check out our sponsor atwww.maelstromgames.co.uk where you can buy your tickets to the upcoming Scrap Metal event and also have a look at http://banelegions.maelstromgames.co.uk/ for some cool possible alternative sculpts for your Hordes faction.

Also if you like the show please leave us a positive review on iTunes and spread the word and if you’d like more Hordes and Warmachine talk then you could do worse than checking out Boosted Damage and Warcast, both good shows, both available through iTunes.

Thanks for listening.

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