BotC, H&WM ETC, OW Doubles

We like abreviations…..


This years Battle of the Chumps has come and gone. Using a unique ‘comp’ system this event was held at Maelstrom Games and was attended by resident 40k player Alex West.

Using a Space Wolf army with some unusual units in he came in a respectable 6th out of 48 players and had a great time which is what really counts!


The Hordes and Warmachine European Team Championships (bit of a mouthful!) was also held at Maelstrom Games and was attended by 40 teams, so 160 players in all, including a fair representation from other countires beside England.

3 teams from the Dragon Slayers attended with Dans team bringing up the rear in 38th place, Moaks team coming in nicely in 13th and Nathans team taking top Slayer team by finishing 9th.

Some of our guys picked up some individual awards with Ash Mitchell winning the Best Troll Player, Lewis Johnson winning the Best Legion Player and Most Blood Thirsty General. Moaks team picked up the Best Painted team award which is a great achievement.

All in all a good event for us Slayers methinks.

OW Doubles

The Open War doubles, again held at Maelstrom, was attended by 2 teams from our humble club. The Dandy Warhoes, comprising Danny Pegg and Andy Barnes, came 1st which was a great achievement.

Coming in second was our other team, Big Mac and Cheese, comprising Ady Mac and Steve Wren. Again a great achievement by the lads, well done!

Coming up, keep an eye out for something a wee bit special….

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