The return of the Scholey GT

Long ago when men were men and women were….errr….men as well frankly, a small group of the elite amongst the Dragon Slayers used to gather at one Pete Scholeys house and play into the wee small hours to see who was the best of the best of the best sir!

Nowadays many of those elite have moved on to pastures, or gaming systems, new. Lets spend a moment to remind ourselves of the loss to WFB.

Right thats enough of that. Now then, the loss of such fine fellows to other gaming systems has naturally impacted on Petes gaming leading to decaying gaming results and, well, just general decay.

However like a pheonix from the flames the Scholey GT is being resurrected!

But thats not all. There is good news for us mortals because the venue is moving from Pete’s front room to Maelstrom so there is room for everyone to join in the fun.

For full details of the event check out the Scholey GT page under Our Events.

We hope to see you there!

Elsewhere the Warmachine ETC fast approaches and we are entering no less than 3 teams into this years event. The gallant adventurers are:

Team 1: Matt Oakley, Lewis Johnson, Gav Roath and Paul Mansfield
Team 2: Tim Fisher, Rob Hallam, Dan Melia and Elliot Kimpton
Team 3: Ash Mitchell, Padge, John Dale and Nathan Hoole

Good luck boys, bring home the bacon.

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