Summer Incursion and The Slayers Big Bash

Summer Incursion

This weekend was Maelstrom’s Summer Incursion event. Held at Maelstrom Games excellent venue 96 players from around the country gathered to enjoy a spot of Warhammer for the weekend.

9 Dragon Slayers attended and didn’t do too badly for themselves:

10th and best Bret player – Adi Mac
16th – Rob Hallam
17th and best Warriors of Chaos player – Fabian Quinn
35th – Alex West
37th – Timmy
53rd – Shane
60th – Steve Wren
73rd – Danny Pegg

and the bottom Slayer was, and is until the Midlands Open………………

Andy Davies who came in 75th!

Full results are available on Maelstroms website.

The photos from the weekend have been added to the scrapbook. Check them out!

Dragon Slayers Big Bash III

That’s right, like the Godfather films the Slayers Big Bash will never end. Unlike the Godfather films though each event promises to be better than the last and we are sure numero 3 won’t disappoint.

Held on the 13th of August at our home turf, Maelstrom Games, the event comprises both WFB and Warmachine. Tickets are only a tenner (£10) and include lunch on the day. They can be purchased either directly from the organiser none other than Timmy the Fish Fisher or by sending 10 squid through to the Slayer paypal account:

Remember to include your name and which system you would like to play in if you pay by paypal!

Particulars for each system can be found on TWF.

Make sure you grab your ticket before they sell out!

Coming up…

What’s next i hear you cry?

Well there seems to be a break in the tournament scene for a couple of weeks but fear not. We have some pics of Ady Macs lovely new Bret army and Shanes equally lovely new Tomb King army to come. Keep your eyes peeled for those.


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