What an Achievement!

Warhammer Achievements was held on the 4th of June at Maelstrom Games. A unique event dreamed up and run by resident Slayer Steve Wren the event provided Warhammer with a twist. Rather than just battering your opponent senseless you scored points (or Achievements…hence the name!) for achieving certain things either within your army list or within the games themselves.

5 Dragon Slayers were in attendance and had a great time. Shane Metcalfe came in 4th place with a grand total of 45 Achievements, Tim Fisher amassed 40 Achievements and netted Best General whilst Danny Pegg clocked up 41 Achievements.

Andy Davies wasn’t far behind with 37 Achievements and Fabian Quinn deliberately aimed for the lowest number of achievements and managed just that with a paultry 15 Achievements.

You can see the full results here.

Big thanks go to Steve for taking the time to organise the event and run it on the day. All in all a good time was had by all and expect the event to be back next year.

Elsewhere Alex West attended the inaugral Welsh GT held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff.

This was the first time the event had been held and was attended by 32 players. Mostly Welsh lads but with a reasonable number of good old English chaps also attending aiming to spoil the Welsh party.

In the end it wasn’t to be with Stu Robertson crowned a very deserving Welsh GT champion and the English contingent were left to rue what might have been. No matter, the event was a cracker with a weekend away in Cardiff never failing to disappont. Alex came in 6th out of 32 in the final reckoning, not too shabby an achievement all told.

So whats next for our band of intrepid explorers?

Well this weekend is Maelstroms Warp Storm 3 a Warhammer 40k event which Alex West is attending.

He is also attending Maelstroms Summer Incursion along with Tim Fisher, Rob Hallam, Steve Wren, Shane Metcalfe, Andy Davies, Fabian Quinn, Ady McWalter and Danny Pegg. Expect some pictures from that one!

Until next time…

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