Mega update!

It’s been a while since the last update (reason explained further in this post!) but there has been tons going on down the club.

The club nights have continued going strong with a large following for both WFB and Warmachine. The practice has obviously paid off judging by results at recent tournaments.

South Coast GT

The South Coast GT has come and gone for this year. Attended by well over 100 eager beavers the Slayers did ok. The highlights are:

  • Chris Legg popped up in 3rd place and also won the Best Daemon player award
  • Adi Mac came in 28th and scooped the Best Bret player award
  • Pete Scholey came 31st
  • Rob Hallam rocked up in 45th and
  • Andy Barnes decided to go easy on people so came in as bottom slayer in 124th place.

Everyone had a great time and one of the flagship WFB events on the UK scene continues to go from strength to strength.

Call to War

Another 100+ WFB tournament held at our gaming home, Maelstrom Games, and another opportunity for us Slayers to get out and show what we are made of. This event was pretty special for us in that we achieved the holy grail of results for a club, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing not to mention several other noteable results:

  • Bolle came in 1st place and was part of an 8 way tie for best sports
  • Adi Mac was a knight in shining armour and came in 2nd with his Brets. He was also tied for best sports…
  • Dave Grant finished off the podium clean sweep with 3rd place
  • That man Chris Legg made it 4 out of the top 5 for the Slayers with a 5th placing
  • Andy Barnes came in 37th
  • Fabian Quinn 41st
  • Shane Metcalfe 61st
  • Rob Hallam 62nd
  • Andy Davies 69th
  • Tim Fisher made his come back with a respectable 73rd

All in all a very good outing for the club on our home territory.

Open War

Open War, run by the 1st company vets, was also held on home territory and Dave Grant popped up with a podium place in 3rd. Bolle also went along and came in a very respectable 8th.

Welsh Open

Not to be outdone the clubs Warmachine players set about the locals at the Welsh Open. A precursor to the masters this event is a huge one on the Warmachine calender and our lads did themselves proud.

  • Nathan, our victorious Club Challenge captain, led the charge in 6th place
  • Resident Khador guru Ash Mitchell turned up in 8th place
  • JD continued his fine record in the game with an 11th place
  • Lewis rocked up in 15th place
  • Gav in his first Warmachine tournament managed to get a very respectable 38th place. Not too shabby for a first competitive outing methinks.

Home Nations

Not to be outdone Alex West led the England 40k team to victory at the Home Nations in Cork. Attended by Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England and of course a Barbarian team the event is a yearly warm up for the ETC. The build up was its usual intense self and explains the lack of updates for the last few weeks as your downtrodden scribe was busy serving his country!

Its the first trophy won by the England 40k team and provided the perfect way to round off Alex’s 2 and a half year reign as captain of the team. Cue cheesey pic:

Thats all for now folks but more updates to follow shortly!

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