What a weekend!

Dragon Slayers win the WPS Club Challenge

Yes, the resurrected WPS Club Challenge was held the weekend just gone at Nottingham University and the Dragon Slayers were in attendance looking to win the event for the 4th time in their proud history.

Team Captain Nathan Hoole led a team comprising Matt Oakley, Adi McWalter, Andy Barnes, Andy Davies and Danny Pegg. The guys showed true character by overcoming a difficult first day and storming into the lead, claiming the overall shield for best club. A big congratulations to the guys.

There were some fine individual performances within the event with Matt Oakley winning the Hordes and Warmachine system. Nathan came second and the Slayers won the System Shield officially making us the best club in the country when it comes to Hordes and Warmachine as well as simply the best club in the country.

In other systems, the legend that is Adi Mac came in 2nd in WFB whilst Danny Pegg crossed the line in 3rd place in Blood Bowl.

Rounding up the pack Andy Barnes came 4th in WFB and Andy Davies finished in 9th place, also in WFB.

All in all a good weekend was had by all and it was great to see the club lifting the coveted Shield.

Elsewhere, Bolle attended Open War XV on Saturday and came in a very respectable 8th place with his Vampire Counts.

Alex West was also seen out and about, firstly at the Indy GT which has taken off to replace the massively changed Throne of Skulls event that Games Workshop run. With pretty much anyone who is anyone in attendance at the event Alex achieved a respectable 17th place out of 120 players.

Not content with that he then attended the Bristol Vanquish tournament the following weekend and notched up a 4th place out of 60+ players.


Coming up Steve Wren has written a report from the recent Spring Incursion event so keep an eye out for that as well as the photos Steve took at the event itself.

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