It’s Warhammer Jim, but not as we know it…

A bit of a mini update for you campers.

The recent Swiss Cheese WFB team event hosted by Maelstrom has come and gone and 3 teams from the Dragon Slayers attended with mixed success. Team Sheffield Slayers came in 4th place, Bottlers Legless Boyz came in 9th and All Washed Up lived up to their name and came in 19th.

Dragon Slayer Steve Wren is working on a Warhammer event which is a little bit ‘out there’ if you will. Inspired by Whoops its an event with the emphasis heavily on fun rather than ‘serious’ gaming and should provide a welcome break from the tournament scene. You can see details here.

Don’t forget to check back to see the finalised rules pack and how to book your tickets when the event goes live.

Other bits and bobs are in the pipleline including photos of Alex West’s Space Wolf army.

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