Welcome to the new Dragon Slayers club blog which, from here on, will act as our focal point and interaction with the wargaming world at large.

Our forums have remained in the same place and can be accessed via the link on the right hand side.

We will have regular updates on the club coming and goings and what its members have been up to at the numerous tournaments and events we attend so make sure you check back regularly to keep uptodate with what the club has been up to.

First up we have news from the recent Vapnartak Hordes and Warmachine tournament.

6 Slayers made the trek to York for the annual Wargames show, Vapnartak, held at York Racecourse by York Wargames Society.  This was our second outing to Vapnartak returning in greater numbers from the previous year.  The six slayers in question were, Rich Paget, Nathan Hoole, The Mysterious Mr X, Ash Mitchel, Matt Oakley and Lewis Johnson.  A great time was had by all, although some had more of a good time than others which encompassed an enthusiastic night out in York on the Saturday night.

Anyway Sunday morning rolled around with our intrepid over nighters slogging across a damp race course to just about make the start of the event.  First round pairings saw Mr X take on Nathan, with Mr X’s mercs taking a surprise victory after out shooting Nath’s eStryker lead Cygnar, with the other Slayers winning their first round games.  Round two saw Moak, Padge and Mr X lose while the rest continued on their winning ways.

Yet again we were left wondering how a badly hungover Ash Mitchel was holding it all together, until round three that is where he let his iron facade slip and he dropped a game.  Mr X, Nath, and Padge stayed with their winning ways.  Lewis and Moak were drawn against each other in a fight to see who looked the most ill, and although I’m not sure of the out come of the game neither player looked in a mood to celebrate their victory.  So in to the final round where Nath won his last game against a tough opponent and Ash’s had to break out the puppy dog eyes to finish off Padge’s Cryx to take the game in it’s final minutes.  As the dust settled for the event our intrepid hero’s had achieved a mixed bag of results as winning games wasn’t enough to finish well, due to the nature of the rules pack, you also needed to score lots of victory points to get a place.

So the final standings for the Slayers were, Nathan with a very credible second place, Ash finishing the placings in 3rd place, Lewis in 10th, Mr X in 11th, Padge in 12th and Moak in 16th.

A fun day was had by all with some close fought games and an ever increasing crowd of familiar faces from all over the gaming scene flocking to the the Hordes and Warmachine banner.

The next big couple of big events for the Dragon Slayer Hordes and Warmchine contingent will be the Club Challenge in April followed swiftly by 9 Slayers making the trip to Cardiff for the Welsh Open, which looks set to be a prequel to the UK Masters event in June, as all the top players from last years Masters event are looking at getting some serious practice in before the big event.  In fact this could be the singles event which outshines the Masters in this years tournament Calendar, as of the time of writing the event is already sold out.

The revamped WPS Club Challenge has shot back onto the tournament calendar like a phoenix from the flames and the Slayers will be in attendance, competing in WFB, 40k, Hordes and Warmachine and probably Flames of War as well.

Nathan Hoole has been voted in as team captain and will be looking to leads the boys to infinity and beyond!

ETC England Captain and Dragon Slayer Alex West attended his first 40k event of the season at the recent Caledonian Uprising, organised by the arch enemy the Scots. Coming in a decidedly average 28th place out of 80 it was a somewhat slow start to the year but what a cracking event and a very welcome addition to the tournament circuit.

Next up for the club is a showing at Maelstrom’s Swiss Cheese event, a WFB team event. Stay tuned for more updates as we look to bring home the bacon in one of the UK’s premier team events.

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